Malia And Sasha Obama’s Head-Turning Transformations

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 Malia And Sasha Obama’s Head-Turning Transformations

For Malia and Sasha Obama, getting to travel and experience different cultures undoubtedly contributed to their impressive transformations into well-rounded, intelligent adults. In Becoming, Michelle Obama recalled a family trip to Rome, Italy — a memorable visit which an eight-year-old Sasha later wrote about for a school assignment. According to Michelle, Sasha nonchalantly noted in the assignment, “I met the Pope this summer. A piece of his thumb was missing.” 

While speaking with Conan O’Brien during her Becoming book tour, the former first lady read the story about Sasha’s school assignment to the audience (via On Milwaukee), using it as a way to showcase the sometimes mischievous, often hilarious nature of her daughters. However, as Michelle revealed, Sasha’s school assignment also provided insight regarding her eight-year-old mindset. 

As Michelle realized, Sasha was small enough during the trip to Rome that she would have been standing at eye level with the Pope’s thumb, and therefore was simply incapable of ignoring it. As the former first lady explained, this realization helped her see the anecdote as a gift rather than an embarrassing moment.

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