Maka Cosplay

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We are very happy to once again feature our beautiful Geek Girl RikkuGrape! This time she is cosplaying as Maka from Soul Eater. Here is what she had to say about the shoot...

"I love Soul Eater! The show is light hearted at times, and serious enough to keep you engaged. Not to mention the array of characters is just awesome. Cosplaying Maka was a ton of fun! She's another one of those fireball characters who is strong, and courageous, but has some sass. Just the kind of girl I like to cosplay :D"

Geek Girl: RikkuGrape - facebook

Photographer: Shunichi Al Hayashi

  • Maka Cosplay
  • Maka Cosplay
  • Maka Cosplay
  • Maka Cosplay

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