LEGO Set Leak Spoils A Major ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Villain

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 LEGO Set Leak Spoils A Major ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Villain

Fans are anxiously awaiting Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the upcoming sequel to the MCU film Doctor Strange. The new film is expected to explore Marvel’s very own Multiverse, which should come as an exciting direction following the release of projects like Loki and the upcoming film Spider-Man: No Way Home. With so much emphasis on the Multiverse, fans are curious as to what the villain of the new film could be. Now it looks like fans may have yet another clue as to the film’s villain – and it comes courtesy of a Doctor Strange 2 LEGO set.

Now it’s already been suggested since the film went into production that its villain would be Shuma-Gorath. This is an entity known for having Lovecraftian levels of power, and it makes sense that it would be the villain in a movie all about the Multiverse. This LEGO set seems to contradict this, however, by being named “Gargantos Showdown.”

As you can see in the image for the Doctor Strange LEGO set, there is a tentacled one-eyed monster villain but no reference of Shuma-Gorath on the box:

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