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We love this Lana cosplay from the beautiful Britney Siren and if you don't know this character you really should be watching Archer! Here is what Britney had to say...

"This was a fun shoot to pull off though it was a bit difficult to do. I know that most cosplayers have extensive sewing skills... I do not so I thought I would start w/ something that I could half way pull off. I was apprehensive for a while but the photographer convinced me that I would be a great Lana Kane. I was worried that I wouldn't look very much like her. Needless to say I'm very happy that I decided to go through with it and do this shoot.

Until I bog down the skills needed to start making my own costumes I'll be ordering some from some good friends with costuming skills.

I know I can overcome this hurdle when school funds start rolling in!

I wore this to Anime Expo in 2012 and I was shocked and delighted that a few people wanted to take my photo and realized who I was. I can't wait to be able to cosplay again!

Perhaps I can work on something really simple for next year and work my way up to more complicated costumes? Either way there's a ton of video game inspiration out there! I'll muster up more courage and skill really soon :)"

Model: Britney Siren

Photographer: Saltwater Production Company

ShareSeptember 23 2013

  • Lana Cosplay
  • Lana Cosplay
  • Lana Cosplay

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