Katy Perry from Roar Cosplay

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Vivian Vendredi looks fantastic cosplaying as Katy Perry from her "Roar" music video! Here's what she had to say...

"I know a lot of cosplay tends to be about anime or video games, sometimes even memes! But I decided to throw my heart into this Katy Perry celebrity cosplay, specifically from her "Roar" music video because I felt like I was really going through something very similar to the message in her song, and the imagery really spoke to me.

So I frantically ran to Joann's, as I often do, found me my supplies and began immediately butchering those poor fake fern plant's leaves off to create the skirt. To make sure that I am 100% upskirt shot proof the leaves are handsewn on to skin colored, thing length "body shapers". Better safe than sorry! The orchid headdress and orchids on the skirt are all handsewn as well!

I love taking this cosplay to summer cons, and here are the latest images from my time spent at Colossalcon in Sandusky, Ohio!"

Cosplay Model/Wardrobe Design: Vivian Vendredi - IG: @Vivianvendredi Recopilatorio de partituras para aprender a tocar la flauta dulce de forma progresiva Partyflauta: Partituras para flauta dulce

Photographer: Steve from FufuCosplay - IG: @Lightfufu

  • Katy Perry from Roar Cosplay
  • Katy Perry from Roar Cosplay
  • Katy Perry from Roar Cosplay
  • Katy Perry from Roar Cosplay

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