Katherine McBride from Catherine Cosplay

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MaggIvy looks lovely cosplaying as Katherine McBride from Catherine...

"Time for a little throwback to 2014 Toronto Comic Con, where I premiered Katherine McBride from the game Catherine. I must admit, I was a little scared to play this game at first due to the "erotic" nature of the story and I was terrified that I wouldn't like it. By the end of playing Catherine I realized that I loved it and I really clicked with Katherine McBride's character. Within a month or so of Comic Con I decided that I wanted to cosplay as her. It was the second cosplay I've ever done and I wasn't sure how to go about it but I was determined and I tried anyway. I was able to take some old clothes I had in the closet and modify it to make this cosplay. I found a real Vintage Concho Belt that suited this cosplay perfectly on Etsy and added extra chains as finishing touches. I added ribbon to an old corset I had, shortened sleeves and added buttons to an old turtle neck shirt. I even modified some fake glasses to get that crescent look that Katherine's glasses had. Then I wore some winter boots to finish it off. I had braces at the time, so I'm hoping to do another photo shoot in the future without them. I'm also happy to say that this was also the first time I met Geek Girls and you took my photo, which I loved! I want to say thanks for that because you've inspired me to take pictures of all my cosplays from then on." Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

Cosplayer: MaggIvy - instagram

Photographer: Ralf Vandermeulen & Geek Girls

  • Katherine McBride from Catherine Cosplay
  • Katherine McBride from Catherine Cosplay
  • Katherine McBride from Catherine Cosplay

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