Joy Behar Snaps at Lindsey Granger’s Claim Trump Doesn’t Represent Republicans: “That’s Not True”

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  Joy Behar Snaps at Lindsey Granger’s Claim Trump Doesn’t Represent Republicans: “That’s Not True”

Tensions continue to rise between Joy Behar and her View guest host, Lindsey Granger. After Behar iced out Granger on yesterday’s episode, she flat-out rejected her ideas during today’s show, shutting down the conservative commentator while discussing yesterday’s Jan. 6 hearings.

As the panel talked about revelations from Thursday’s hearings, including former Vice President Mike Pence’s security detail fearing for their lives as a mob stormed the Capitol — Granger said people should “speak up” about the details of what happened the day of the insurrection, regardless of political affiliation.

“This is not a democrat or republican thing. This is an ethics issue,” she said.

“This is a right or wrong thing. I think I said I wanted to watch the hearings play out, and yesterday we knew what the minutes of time was — equates to three hours, 187 minutes,” Granger continued, referring to the amount of time between former president Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 speech to his supporters and when he released another statement telling them to go home, hours later.

“To know that the president wasn’t calling the National Guard, wasn’t calling the joint chiefs of staff. He was calling Giuliani at that time and sitting watching Fox News,” Granger said.

Behar interrupted her to note, “there’s no record of that — of their call, of their discussion, is there?,” asking, “So what’s the cover up?”

Granger seemingly agreed, replying, “That’s what I said, and Trump represents, I feel like, the party of Trump. Trump does not represent me, my values. He doesn’t represent the republican party.”

As she began to continue, a stone-faced Behar cut in to correct her, insisting, “Oh, that’s not true,” to which Granger clarified, “in my mind, in my opinion.”

Behar laughed, saying, “Okay, in your mind,” with a smirk on her face. “Okay, I’ll buy that.”

Ana Navarro then piled on, joking, “In my mind, I’m a Sports Illustrated cover model.”

Behar, showing much more love for Navarro than she ever has for Granger, replied to her co-host, “In my mind, you are too.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC. Watch the full tense interaction from today’s episode in the video above.

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