Jon Cryer’s 1st Kiss with Wife Was on Set after She Thought He Could Be Her ‘New Best Gay Friend’

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  Jon Cryer’s 1st Kiss with Wife Was on Set after She Thought He Could Be Her ‘New Best Gay Friend’

Jon Cryer found love again onset after he finished mourning his first divorce, but his love interest was thinking more along the lines of gay best friend — see how the conflict was resolved. 

 Jon Cryer first got married to British-born actress Sarah Trigger in 1999, but by 2004 the couple was divorced. 

It broke his heart and turned him into an emotional mess who, after that, believed he was “undateable.” When they tied the knot, they had designs on their love being long-lived, but somehow it had gone sour.

[Left] Picture of actor Jon Cryer; [Right] Picture of John Cryer and his wife Lisa Joyner | Source: Getty Images ||

So sour that they started a battle for custody over their child, Charlie, after the divorce. Cryer was granted more custody after Trigger was deemed not fit for parenting by a family court. 

Then in May 2009, Trigger was arrested on suspicion of child abuse after her then-new husband called the police to report that their two-year-old son, Alex, had allegedly sustained injuries on his neck.

She had pleaded guilty to endangering the boy, and she was arrested and charged; however, she was later released on a $100,000 bail. By 2010, Trigger was only getting four hours with her child and getting more than $10,000 as child support. 

Actor Jon Cryer (R) and wife Lisa Joyner attend the “Mad Men” Black & Red Ball at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on March 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

In 2011, Cryer tried to have the child support suspended; however, it was only reduced to $8,000 by the court because it was a terrible idea to take it down to zero since she is the mother of his child. 

Trigger had allegedly been in a lot of debt at the time, which meant that if the support was stopped, she would become completely broke, which meant she would eventually lose her home. In 2013, she tried to increase child support to over $88,000 because she had won more custody. 

Jon Cryer had a rough time moving on from his divorce, but when he finally did, it was with TV reporter Lisa Joyner. The two met on set, but even though the actor was taken with her looks and character, it took him more than a month to make his first move

 The proud father doesn’t want her involved in the social media space at a young age.

All the while, the poor lady had wrapped him neatly in a box she reserved for her best gay friends. Thankfully they got to know one another, and when they had their first kiss, Joyner knew he would be more. 

The two got engaged in January; he announced he would marry her later in February and went on to get it done in June 2007. The ceremony was held at the Chapel at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, while the reception went down at a private location. 

For the wedding, the bride stunned in an A-line Empire waist Monique Lhuillier gown with ivory lace over champagne satin. Their love has remained strong ever since, and even after years of marriage, Cryer still treats it like they are newlyweds. 

In October 2020, he misplaced his wedding band one night in a Vancouver park. He had returned there the following morning to look for it but hadn’t been able to locate it, and the first person he called was his wife. 

She had gotten sad about him losing it, but that was mostly because she knew how hard he would be on himself. Still, she couldn’t help but feel more loved by him because of how much effort he put into trying to find it.  trucos, guias y consejos de moda y fitness Blog de Moda y Fitness

Eventually, he sought help from a legendary ring finder who came to his rescue with his trusty metal detector. Once the actor found the band, he texted his wife a picture of it announcing its recovery and thanked Chris Turner from The Ring Finders for helping him. 

Joyner also praised him, “Chris you not only found a ring. You may have saved a marriage. That ring meant so much. It has so many memories behind it. Now Jon go get it resized!” 

Joyner is a news reporter who got her start in the industry as a sports intern at KNBC–TV in LA. She became a stepmom to Cryer’s son when they got married, and the pair have also adopted a child since then. 

An adoptee herself, Joyner is a big fan of adoption and has been quite vocal about how she believes it shouldn’t be the last resort. 

This may be because she had a good experience with her adoptive parents; however, she preaches it with conviction. Besides that, Joyner is also known for giving advice targeted at those who are on the hunt for their adoptive parents. 

She knows there could be different reasons motivating the search for one’s birth parents and has advised that whoever wants to take it up needs to have one, even if it is as simple as knowing more about their genetic history. 

Joyner’s focus on adoption on family reunions led to her joining Chris Jacobs to host “Long Lost Family,” an eight-part docu-series about people seeking to reunite with their biological family. 


Given Joyner’s stance on adoption, it didn’t surprise many that she and Cryer opted to adopt a child. The child, a daughter, was born on August 11 and was the first child for the couple.

The actor gushed about the news in the acceptance speech he made while picking up his Emmy as an outstanding supporting actor on a comedy series for his CBS show. 

Actor Jon Cryer, wife Lisa Joyner and daughter Daisy Cryer arrive for the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Paddington 2” held at Regency Village Theatre on January 6, 2018 in Westwood, California | Source: Getty Images

Cryer is well known for his dedication as a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Indeed he could get voted father and husband of the year, and he would win. 

Back in 2013, he was pictured carrying out daddy duties alongside his gorgeous wife as they had a fun time at the market with their kids. 

Actor Jon Cryer, wife Lisa Joyner and daughter Daisy Cryer attend the premiere of Global Road Entertainment’s “Show Dogs” at TCL Chinese 6 Theatres on May 5, 2018 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

The vibe they gave off screamed close-knit family even though the actor rarely talks about his children on social media besides the occasional post. 

The proud father doesn’t want her involved in the social media space at a young age and has been keeping her from things too deeply related to it because of her sensitive nature. 

Cryer and his wife are a match made in heaven for many reasons; not only are they completely suited to one another, but they also share some common hobbies, case in point, charity. 

In 2021, the couple decided to give back to their LA society by donating $30,000 towards the building of tiny homes equipped with basic amenities and capable of hosting two people each. 

The houses came complete with locks on the doors to protect the women and kids, so they don’t have to sleep with one eye open at night. The couple was able to donate to an organization known as Hope Of The Valley. 

The two have been actively doing charity in their little ways for years, and at some point in the past, Cryer even created a foundation honoring her parent’s name because of the deep bond she shared with her father before he passed. The pair is clear proof that a couple who live together stays together. 

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