Jin Seo-Yeon from Blade & Soul�Cosplay

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MiuMoonlight Cosplay looks stunning as Jin Seo-Yeon from the game Blade & Soul! Here's what she had to say...

"I waited sooo long, until the game Blade & Soul was published in Europe. Last year I started with cosplay and this was one of my first cosplays with armor application. For my first real cosplay I was really happy with it. I had much fun to wear it and loved the design. This year the game was released in Europe. I was soooo happy and immediately started to play. The game was so awesome - the characters, the story and especially the designs. I was unsure. Should I make another Blade & Soul cosplay or should I just wear the old cosplay again? I thought it would be great to make a remake of my debut cosplay so I started with some details like the wig, and after a few hours of work I wanted to make a whole new cosplay of Jin Seo-Yeon. I used another fabric for the bodysuit and made completely new armor pieces. Now I am really happy with the result, especially with the great pictures Christian Gschweng made at the LBM this year."

Model: MiuMoonlight Cosplay Horoscopos y tarot para el amor y para los signos del zodiaco Horoscopos y tarot de amor

Photographer: Christian Gschweng Fotografie

  • Jin Seo-Yeon from Blade & Soul�Cosplay
  • Jin Seo-Yeon from Blade & Soul�Cosplay
  • Jin Seo-Yeon from Blade & Soul�Cosplay
  • Jin Seo-Yeon from Blade & Soul�Cosplay

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