Ivanka Trump’s Most Inappropriate Outfits Ever

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  Ivanka Trump’s Most Inappropriate Outfits Ever

In today’s pop culture-informed world, some left-wing voters have compared right-wing politics to the silencing and policing of women and their bodies in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and its acclaimed TV adaptation. The Hulu show features handmaids in jewel-toned uniforms, including a deep emerald green, which a PopSugar article described as “like something old and decaying, the green of something once alive, but now left to rot.”

On Dec. 3, 2020, Ivanka Trump joined her father and several administration officials in the Oval Office as the president signed the Technology Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act. As InStyle noted, while the act itself got lost among the headlines swirling around Donald Trump at the time, many noticed Ivanka’s “Gilead green” dress. 

She had previously worn similar shades on multiple occasions, including in March 2018 (as pictured). The dress she wore in December 2020 was not only the same “decaying” forest green as the Handmaid’s Tale costumes, but it also bore the same shape: long and tailored, with a high neck and a secretary-bow tie around the collar. The style is worn on the show most notably by the character Serena Joy, “the anti-feminist first lady of Gilead that happens to be, ahem, complicit in all of the things going on around her.”

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