How To Surprise Your Hubby On Honeymoon

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How To Surprise Your Hubby On Honeymoon - Honeymoon Planning Tips - Planning Honeymoon Trips - Plan Your Honeymoon | How to - How to SolutionsYour honeymoon is the most exciting trip in your life as you and your husband is going out for the first time after marriage. Honeymoon is the time when you two will get enough time to be close with each other and spend quality time together. While planning for your honeymoon, you must keep certain things in mind.

One such thing is to give surprises to your husband. Yes! Men love surprises a lot. May be you both know each other for a long time. But honeymoon should be an experience of a lifetime. You both should feel fresh and make things anew. You must plan for some surprises for your husband. Here are some effective tips on hoe to surprise your hubby on your honeymoon. Check out the tips and enjoy the trip together.

1. Take some sexy and seductive lingerie on your honeymoon. Make it a surprise for your hubby and don’t discuss about it with him in beforehand. Wear it at your bed time without any announcement and watch the show. He will be totally seduced.

2. If you don’t regularly shave your pubic hair, this is right time to do it. Shave it and keep it a secret to yourself. Let your hubby discover the secret on his own and be surprised. This really can be a very good idea to surprise your man on your honeymoon.

3. On a particular day, don’t wear anything while going to bed at night. Go to the bed and lie down, before he comes. Then let him come and discover you. Watch him being surprised and have fun.

4. Give your husband some very special gift that is his favorite. You can gift him something that you generally don’t like, but just for pampering him, you can bring it. He will be really surprised.

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