How to Insert an Image into Text using Photoshop

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How to Insert an Image into Text using Photoshop - Inserting a Photo into Text with Photoshop - How to Add Text to a Picture With Photoshop | How to - How to SolutionsThis article will guide users through the basics of inserting an image into text using Adobe Photoshop. You can spice up your headings by inserting an image into text using Photoshop. Using this technique, you can also create text with photographed textures. Here’s how you can add an image into text in Photoshop.

Follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Open the Photoshop program. From the File menu, select Open. A dialog box will automatically appear, prompting you to locate the image you want to open. Navigate to the location where the image is stored in your hard drive or CD/DVD drive, and then click on the Open button. The image that yo chose will be opened and displayed on your screen.

Step 2: Now create a new Photoshop document. Go to the File menu and select New… (Ctrl + N). Enter the size specifications that you want. Click OK.

Step 3: Create your text. To do so, first select the Horizontal Type tool, and then choose your desired font for the text. Type the text into the document. You may want to resize the text. Use the Free Transform tool under Edit menu (or Ctrl +T) to do so, or to place the text exactly the way you want. Then click on any tool in the toolbox to apply the transform.

Step 4: To place the image into the text, copy the image to the clip board first. Select the image window, and from the Edit menu select Copy or press (Ctrl+C).

Step 5: Click back on the text document and then in the Layers palette press the Ctrl key down while clicking on the text layer.

Step 6: Now paste the image into the text by selecting Paste into under menu, or by pressing Shift+CTRL+V.

Step 7: If you wish to resize the image to fit into your text, or place the image behind the text, do so by using the Free Transform tool (CTRL+T) .

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