Horror Movies That Are Just As Beautiful As They Are Terrifying

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 Horror Movies That Are Just As Beautiful As They Are Terrifying

Director, producer, writer, editor, production designer, costume designer, and composer Anna Biller clearly loves chintzy, overdesigned Euro-sleaze horror movies of the late 1960s. Her 2016 film “The Love Witch” is one of the more authentic B-movie re-creations to come out of the neo-grindhouse movement. The quality of the light, the flatly delivered dialogue, the makeup, the music, the use of sex and nudity … with only the smallest of adjustments, “The Love Witch” could be released in theaters in 1969. Cinematographer M. David Mullen knew what he was doing.

The story is a retro free-love parable. A witch (Samantha Robinson) loves freely and dreams of having a husband. She has sex on her terms, and, true to the title, men are constantly falling in love with her. This can be a problem when she doesn’t care enough to keep them around. The thrills are very arch, the horror subdued, colorful, almost campy. It’s a delightfully stylized, sexy little romp that fans of shlock and Italian horror can enthusiastically imbibe.

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