Here’s How Much Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Worth

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  Here’s How Much Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Worth

Arnold Schwarzenegger began investing in real estate when he was still young. Per Celebrity Net Worth, he researched the California real estate market and purchased an apartment complex for $214,000. He held on to it for a year before selling it for $360,000, netting a handsome profit. He used the money from that sale to invest in more real estate, purchasing other buildings and then flipping them for more money after a short time. 

Schwarzenegger was already making bank before making it big in Hollywood, and that was due to his impressive business acumen. By 25, he was already a real estate millionaire, having owned and sold apartment buildings with as many as 100 units. In an interview with CNBC, Schwarzenegger explained, “Buildings that I would buy for $500K within a year were $800K, and I put only maybe $100K down, so you made 300% on your money.” Muestras gratis gotas

When he hit it big, he didn’t stop investing in real estate — quite the contrary. Schwarzenegger continued to purchase various properties throughout his life, amassing a real estate portfolio valued by Celebrity Net Worth at $100 million, which doesn’t include any of his personal property. According to Fancy Pants Homes, Schwarzenegger owns several vacation properties worldwide, but he calls the Pacific Palisades his home. He currently lives in a high-end gated community in Los Angeles, where he owns a seven-bed, seven-bath property on 2.5 acres.

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