Gypsy Goddess Cosplay

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Martini Jones looks gorgeous cosplaying as her original "Gypsy Goddess"! Here's what she had to say...

"I have been doing cosplay for about 2 � years now so I am still new with everything. Something I create on my own, some I piece together.I just want to show the world that cosplay is not just something strange or weird, but it is something really fun that everyone can do no matter what age you are.We all have that one thing we really liked growing up or still to this day, we all have someone we really wanted to be.So why not express that in cosplay.For my gypsy goddess, I was inspired by a dream I had of being a belly dancer.To note, I also love the movie Aladdin and the whole Egyptian look.I fused the three together and gave it my own little twist on the modern day gypsy."

Model: Martini Jones

Photographers: Matt Sobo Photo & Jovan Mr. Success Jacobs

  • Gypsy Goddess Cosplay
  • Gypsy Goddess Cosplay
  • Gypsy Goddess Cosplay
  • Gypsy Goddess Cosplay

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