Gibbs’ Entire NCIS Backstory Explained

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 Gibbs’ Entire NCIS Backstory Explained

Gibbs retired from the Marines in 1992 with a rank of gunnery sergeant and began casting about for something to do with the rest of his life. Because of his fondness for the NCIS officer who investigated the deaths of his wife and daughter, he began training to become a member of the military investigative unit.

Gibbs was a probationary agent, known colloquially as a “probie,” under the very man who inspired his career choice. Agent Michael Franks personally oversaw his training and knew that Gibbs murdered Hernandez, having stood aside to allow it to happen.

Franks retired after the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, believing that Saudi extremist Osama bin Laden was behind it. The real-life attack was ultimately pinned on Hezbollah Al-Hejaz, though Bin Laden’s involvement remains a point of contention. Still, he saw the denial of his tips as playing politics and retired in exhaustion.

He handed his badge to Gibbs on the way out the door, as he was his successor as commander of the unit. This is where we find Gibbs at the start of NCIS.

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