Ghost Rider Genderbend Cosplay

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Lady Jaded looks amazing cosplaying as her genderbent version of Ghost Rider! Here's what she had to say...

"When I heard that Netflix� might possibly do a Ghost Rider series after being in the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, I was rather excited! At that time I had vibrant orange in my hair and thought "Lets take advantage of this hair colour" and then pieced together some leathers I had in my cosplay room. I then teed up with the super talented Chris (Equinox) and Lauren (Twist) because I knew they would be the right peoples to pull off this collab. It was so much fun as I love working with them and I even brought along my baby. Thankfully she didn't freak out about me looking the way I did. When I saw the final images I could have cried because they were so perfect! The bodypaint turned out wickedly! I must admit I was freaked out when I looked in the mirror at the studio but seeing these made the experience worth it. Equinox always does a fantastic job with post production and the flames and motorcycle look hot as! I hope you all enjoy checking out this super hot Ghost Rider album. Come say hi to me and Equinox and Twist on facebook or insta. We would love to have you follow us and tag along on our adventures.... Let's ride ;)"

Cosplayer: Lady Jaded

Body Paint: Twist Makeup & Events

Photographer: Equinox Studios Photography

  • Ghost Rider Genderbend Cosplay
  • Ghost Rider Genderbend Cosplay
  • Ghost Rider Genderbend Cosplay
  • Ghost Rider Genderbend Cosplay
  • Ghost Rider Genderbend Cosplay

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