Fear Street Scenes You Should Never Watch Alone

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 Fear Street Scenes You Should Never Watch Alone

Ryan isn’t the only killing corpse guaranteed to give you goosebumps in “Fear Street.” While Sam and Deena try, unsuccessfully, to convince a police officer about what they just witnessed at the hospital, Simon is greeted by another of the town’s most notorious killers who’s inexplicably returned to reality. While waiting on the otherwise empty street, he hears something of a siren song and spots a girl singing to herself on the road.

When Simon gets close enough to see her scarred, haunting face, he realizes he’s in big trouble, and his fears are confirmed when she brings out a razor and slices his ankle. Just as his friends realize he’s no longer with them, Simon finds himself being pinned down in the middle of the road, helplessly flailing as this girl — who’s later revealed to be the vintage mass murderer Ruby Lane (Jordyn DiNatale) — prepares to slash him to pieces.

Just in time, Deena uses a stolen gun to stop the girl in her tracks, but then they all watch in shock as she slinks back into motion, unfazed by the bullets and ready to sing — and sling her blade — again. The sight of her face repairing itself right then and there is chilling already, but her sinister melody makes the moment even more disturbing. Plus, her presence brings on a sickly sinking realization that the kids are dealing with more than just one undead monster on the loose.

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