Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide

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Republic Equatorial Guinea is in western Africa on the Bight of Biafra sandwiched between Gabon 350 km and Cameroon 189 km close to equator; it is formed by Rio Muni on the mainland and the islands of Bioko, Pagalu, Corisco and Elobey. The mainland is in African continent and Annobon and Bioko on Atlantic Ocean.Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide

Bantu Negroes and a minority of ferdinandos of mixed black and white ancestry make up the native population. Faith practiced is Christianity. Official language is Spanish. Bato is one of the bigger cities. It is an independent nation since 1968. For almost 190 rears it was under Spanish governess.

Highest elevation is Santa Isabel on volcanic prone Bioko Island. The shore as it enters the interior becomes hilly reaching a height of 1200m. The nation is thickly forested.

Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide

Malabo, the capital is situated on Bioko Island. Pico Malabo volcano is clearly visible from here. The capital city has well planned Spanish buildings and hustle-bustle market.

Pico Malabo is popular for mountain climbing through trails on the laid out lonely paths. The capital city has the Spanish Cultural Centre, a cathedral and Malabo Court to view and appreciate.

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On the outskirts of the city is Luba town, known for its isolated beaches of white sand. Climate is wet tropical so heat and humidity is there most of the time. The tourist season is between November and April.

The mainland, Rio Muni, is hilly; the outlying islands are of volcanic origin. Rio Muni is densely forested. The tourists visit these islands once they have extensively travelled to other destinations. A week’s trip is sufficient for glimpses of the land through camping. The lodging is comfortable, but internet connectivity is sporadic or absent.

Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide

The land offers snow tipped mountains, dense forest with wildlife and clean and pure beaches. Arena Blanca is one such beach. The fluttering multihued butterflies fill the vegetation; it is a rare sight to see and wonder. Pico Basile at 3000m offers beautiful scenery below. From here mount Cameroon is also visible.

Monkey infested lakes like Cascades of moca and Lake Loreta are popular tourist destinations. At, Rio Eola waterfall enjoy a day out for picnics and a good swim.

Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide

Monte Alen National Park has big mammals and colourful birds as inhabitants. The area has well laid out trails. Even though not the fore runner in holiday destinations it is on the list of many tourists.


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