Easter Eggs You Missed In Moon Knight

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 Easter Eggs You Missed In Moon Knight

As Marc and Steven journey through their collective mind, we are shown several interesting things, but most of the hard-to-catch references were in their childhood room. There are toys lying around, pictures on the walls, one excellent race car bed, and a Cubs banner to let everyone know we’re in Chicago, but a couple of things may have gone unnoticed or simply seemed commonplace for a child’s room.

The item that comes into focus first is the name Blue Bird on the wing of an airplane, which some comic book scholars may take to reference the obscure Spider-Man character, but it’s most likely just the model name. However, in that same shot, we get our first glance at the many astronaut figures that the imaginative young hero has. These are most likely a reference to a briefly mentioned separate identity of Spector, who is an astronaut and fights werewolves, which might not be as odd of a combination as it sounds. 

Finally, just below the scales in Marc’s room -– which hold candles and not hearts or feathers –- is a pair of gray nunchaku. In the comics, the Fist of Khonshu uses a truncheon to fight with (among many other weapons), which he first modifies for use as nunchaku in the 1980 issue “Moon Knight” #2. These are a couple of nice subtle nods that don’t feel out of place in the childhood memory and may have helped influence Marc’s future adventures.

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