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There are a number of health ailments that we experience which are not threatening, but can be very annoying and hamper our daily life. Some of them drain and tax the body, while others can cause fatigue and listlessness.

Diarrhea is a condition where stools are passed loosely through the anus. The stools may contain water, formed, semi-formed or solid waste which has been wither digested or undigested in either small or large quantity. The stool may contain bacteria that can cause typhoid, fever, cholera, intestinal tuberculosis, lung infection, disorders of the kidney, trouble in the liver and in the stomach. Diarrhea can also be caused from stress, shock, worry, change in climate, food or place. To arrest diarrhea it is important to completely stop the intake of all foods barring fluids. The lack of water could cause dehydration in the body, hence plenty of fluids must be had.

Home Remedies for Diarrhea  :

Take one litre of freshly boiled water, and to this add two tablespoons of honey. Mix into this one quarter teaspoon of sea salt, a quarter teaspoon of soda bicarbonate, and a little lemon juice. A few sips of this fluid should be had every few minutes by an adult. Make sure at least three litres of water are drunk within twenty four hours. Children should be made to drink at least one litre of water through the day. Another good cure is to drink barley water which is mixed with a little lime juice and sugar. letras de cacniones famosos y recientes Letras de canciones

Rice water is also known to cure diarrhea. Boil twenty five grams of rice in one litre of water for between sixty to ninety minutes. Strain and drink this liquid. It will help soothe irritated bowels. For children, a great tonic is plain boiled white rice mixed with mashed bananas. Have plenty of plain yogurt. This will help cool the stomach, and also kill any unwanted bacteria in the stomach.

Drink the juice of potato, carrot and a little honey. This will help clear the stomach of any infections that could be caused. Make sure that any potatoes that have been cooked and kept for over twenty four hours are discarded as they are unfit to be eaten.

If the cause of the diarrhea is the consumption of some medication or food which has had an allergic reaction with the body, drink grape juice which has been diluted in water.


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