Dark Secrets The Cast Of That ’70s Show Tried To Hide

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 Dark Secrets The Cast Of That ’70s Show Tried To Hide

Nowadays, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is something of a big screen powerhouse with flicks such as Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and Looper under his belt, but in the late ’90s, he was still just a former child star whose biggest claim to fame was playing an ancient alien on 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Shortly before his breakthrough role in 10 Things I Hate About You, Gordon-Levitt appeared in a Season 1 episode of That ’70s Show as Eric’s pal, Buddy Morgan. Buddy has a secret crush on his buddy and shares a kiss with him before Eric turns him down. That on-screen kiss is credited as being the first gay smooch on North American prime time TV, but audiences reportedly hated it. What would’ve been a potential recurring role was subsequently relegated to just one episode. Noticias sobre la sierra de cadiz y sus pueblos, información local sobre covid19 coronavirus Noticias de la Sierra de Cadiz

It didn’t hurt Gordon-Levitt’s career much, but filming the scenes did leave a nasty taste in his mouth, so to speak. He told The Advocate that Grace was “probably one of the worst kissers [he’s] ever kissed.” Actress Laura Prepon, who plays Eric’s long-time love interest on the show, echoed the kiss diss when she said on a radio show (via TMZ) that her Orange is the New Black co-star, Taylor Schilling, gave better lip service than Grace.

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