Creepy Alice Cosplay

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It's the lovely Melynda Moon cosplaying as Creepy Alice! She is adorable in this photoshoot :) Here is what she had to say about the shoot...

"Julia Busato is an amazing photographer, and one of the best to work with. I have been working with her since 2008, and she lit my fire for modelling! Since we both have a love for the twisted style of Tim Burton, (and of course Alice in Wonderland!) we decided to use my new dress I got and make a Twisted Tea Party shoot where I played a doll eye'd girl, who was throwing a tea party..But no one came.. Rocky of Trillance photography joined in as well! Megan of "Megz Make up" was the stylist for the shoot, and did a fabulous job at making my eyes super sick and dark! Gave my already crazy hair more volume too! With my lovely new contacts to enhance the look, I was transformed into one spooky girl! So with the intense look of questioning in my eyes "Why..,Why did they not come to my tea party?..." My big shiny kitchen knife was my only friend to play with that day! I mean why not my party!? Who doesn't love worms in their cupcakes!? I had a great time as always with this team, and look forward to more creative shoots! I am very thankful for the opportunities I have, and will only continue to have fun with my passion for modelling!"

Model: Melynda Moon

Photographer: Julia Busato Photography

  • Creepy Alice Cosplay
  • Creepy Alice Cosplay
  • Creepy Alice Cosplay

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