Could The New Predator Win A Fight Against The Original?

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  Could The New Predator Win A Fight Against The Original?

In a fistfight, Predator ’87 has a distinct physical advantage over Predator ’22 in one simple regard: It’s just larger. The creature in “Prey” was played by Dane DiLiegro, a 6’9″ basketball player who has played monsters and demons in the past. The creature in “Predator” was played by Kevin Peter Hall, who stood at 7’2″. He, too, spent a good deal of his career playing monsters, creatures, and aliens. Whether or not their size denotes their age has to remain in the realm of speculation. 

If the two Predators were to find themselves equally exposed in a broad meadow, only armed with shoulder projectiles and wrist claws, then clearly Predator ’87 would have the advantage. Equally strong and quick, the 1987 monster would have a longer reach and bigger hands. Both creatures seem to be equally stoic and aggressive, and both would fight with equal ferocity. 

It’s important to note, however, that both Predators come with the same weakness: their tendency to underestimate their prey. Both Predator ’22 and Predator ’87 assumed their human quarry would not have the ability or the wherewithal to fight back. The machismo of the military man in “Predator” led to their demise, but when Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) became resourceful, he was able to defeat his hunter. Naru’s skill and tracking savvy (Amber Midthunder) in “Prey” was often overlooked by the Predator, allowing her to land a few choice blows with a tomahawk before it could defend itself.  Receta Bocadillo con pollo a la mostaza

With two Predators underestimating each other, and both are equally matched, one could only picture a scenario wherein the two would mortally wound each other at about the same time. These creatures do not quit, and a dying breath from one would be devoted to killing the other. 

In this scenario, both Predators lose. 

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