Chilling Details From The Bay Of Pigs Invasion

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  Chilling Details From The Bay Of Pigs Invasion

The Bay of Pigs invasion began on the morning of April 17, 1961, but by the morning of April 18 the invaders were already in deep trouble. National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy started to pressure President John Kennedy to order more air strikes, to “eliminate the Castro air force” (via Lawrence Freedman in “Kennedy’s wars: Berlin, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam”). Kennedy demurred, and then decided against them after Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev released a statement condemning the invasion, and promising Soviet support for the Cuban people.

Later that evening, the CIA kept pressing for more airstrikes to destroy the Cuban air force and heavy artillery, to allow the invaders to have a fighting chance. Eventually, Kennedy relented, and allowed for a limited operation involving six aircraft to cover air drops that were already planned. However, the planes arrived an hour late and several were shot down by the Cubans, leaving the invaders to be crushed within hours (per the JFK Library). trucos, guias y consejos de moda y fitness Blog de Moda y Fitness

During the invasion, Americans piloted many of the planes flown over the Bay of Pigs, and two of them were shot down by the Cuban army. Riley Shamburger, Wade C. Gray, Willard Ray, and Leo F. Baker all died in a war that the Kennedy administration refused to acknowledge Americans were ever involved in (per John Prados in “Safe for Democracy”). They were fighting against the Cuban air force, which had been left intact because of scuttled bombings earlier in the campaign.

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