Belly Dance Workout

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Belly Dance is one of the oldest forms of dances. There are many names given to it in different courtiers. In France it is famous as dance du ventre in Greece it is know as cifte telli In Egypt it is called Raks Sharki and it is known as rakkase in Turkey. You can compare the belly dance with oriental dance. They mainly differ because of the traditional and religious element associated with the belly dancing.

Unlike any other workout regime belly dance increases the metabolisms thus reduces the fats. Belly dancing basically stress on the abdominal muscles, hip and chest moves thus can be excellent to loose the belly fat. After the pregnancy women normally face the challenge to loose those extra kilos. If joining gym and going out seems to be a problem then belly dancing is the ultimate solution. Once you learn the basic steps of belly dancing you can easily do this at the comfort of your home.

The other workout regimes could be dull, boring and tedious. But belly dancing could be lot of fun. It gives you an opportunity to learn some new. To get it started, you need to learn it first. You can look out for an instructor or if you have flair of dancing then you can learn it yourself by watching it on a CD. There are several free lessons available in the internet. These can give you step by step procedure to learn the belly dancing. Korean Beauty - 👸 💋 Descubre todo sobre el ritual de belleza coreana y los mejores productos de cosmetica coreana del mercado Korean Beauty

Do it for at least 45min to 1hr. We tend to leave it as soon as we are getting tired. One should avoid this because only after 20 min you start to burn those extra calories. Obviously, no one can start dancing one hour on their first dance. Start slowly and develop endurance to last till one or more hours.

Since you are working more so you will be hungrier. So, cool down your hunger with healthy diet. There is no specific diet recommended for belly dancing. Just eat moderately and includes lots of veggies, fruits and proteins in your diet.

You don’t really need to be fit or slim to get it started. This is very feminine form of dance and suited for all the ladies irrespective of size and age. So what are you waiting let’s get started; I can assure you that you will never regret your decision!!

Belly Dance Workout

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