Batman v Superman Cosplays

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Wanted to show some love to the movie lot of people are excited about. I will be going to see it tonight after a few friends have given it the thumbs up. Here we also have one of our Geek Girls doing the first Gal Gadot version. Enjoy!

Geek Girl Critical Miss as Lois | Mike Sullivan as Clark | Photo: Richard Dufault

"This was a fun shoot at one of the last photobooths in the city. Mike even ended up wowing a few kids when he changed into his Supes costume."

Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue as Wonder Woman | Photo: Cajun Cosplay�| Corset: Gearpunk'd | Leg Bracers: Geek Girl Shelle-chii

"I'm looking forward to seeing Batman vs. Superman, although I have to admit purely to see how they portray Wonder Woman. I am so excited to finally have her actively represented in the movie superhero universe! To celebrate here is one of my Wonder Woman variants as well as a shot of Clark, or Clara Kent ;) I hope y'all enjoy the movie Sugahs!"

Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue as Clara Kent | Photo: Joseph Leduc

Geek Girl Shadow Kat Cosplay as BvS Wonder Woman | Photo: KA Photography/Kris Anderson

Geek Girl Amaleigh as New 52 Wonder Woman | Photo: Novii Photography

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