All The Easter Eggs In Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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  All The Easter Eggs In Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Another Easter egg that’s bound to strike a scary chord with “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” fans is the photograph that the modern-day Sally keeps with her at all times to remind her of her terrible past. Sally keeps a Polaroid picture of herself in that gritty green van alongside her brother, Franklin, and her friends — Kirk (William Vail), Pam (Teri McMinn), and Jerry (Allen Danziger).

Not only does the photo serve as a visual reminder of exactly who she’s fighting to avenge as she sets out to attack Leatherface, but the picture is also a callback to one of the creepiest scenes from the first film — and the exact moment when Sally and her pals realized something was very, very wrong on their journey. After picking up a strange hitchhiker on the side of the road — who turns out to be Leatherface’s brother, Nubbins Sawyer (Edwin Neal) — he starts to act strangely, cutting himself with Franklin’s knife before taking a Polaroid picture of him and demanding payment for this service. When his offer is refused, he then burns the picture and takes a stab at Franklin, which sets the tone for all of the sickening slasher action ahead.

As if the photo isn’t enough of a reminder of what Sally went through, she’s also apparently taken up butchering pigs as a hobby, which is another nod to the original film — especially when it comes to her own choice of leatherwear.

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