19 Things You Should Never Cook In An Air Fryer

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 19 Things You Should Never Cook In An Air Fryer

Though they may look vaguely similar, do not confuse your air fryer with the food dehydrator you were this close to buying on late night TV. While they both use air and electricity to cook, air fryers circulate air at far higher speeds than a food dehydrator, and the typically small pieces of beef, fruit, or whatever you’re trying to dehydrate won’t do nearly as well in an air fryer.

“Air fryers will do it,” David Jarvis, Executive Chef for air fryer maker NuWave, told Mashed when asked about dehydrating food. “But a lot of what you dehydrate are small pieces, and unless you have a way to hold them down, they’ll blow the product around.”

Imagine a tornado that picked up an entire truckload of plantain chips, and you’re getting the idea of what the inside of your air fryer will look like if you try dehydrating food. Though Jarvis advises the air fryer isn’t the best technique for dehydrating food, if you insist on doing it, he is adamant you find a way to keep your food in place while the air is blowing.

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